Benefits of organizing

  • It reduces the pressure on the brain.
  • The brain is more relaxed to do value adding work.
  • Reduces waste in every way
  • Reduces tension & frustration.
  • Creates a sense of achievement and pride that can form the basis of a cultural transition.

Organization Blog

Innovation Systems Consulting is a management consultancy based in Gurgaon,India.It was launched in the year 1997 with the objective of triggering innovation.

ISC has catalysed innovations in operations,marketing,sales,media as well as HR FOR FMCG,Technology,Telecom,Media and Software organizations.In the process,150 innovations have been developed and deployed.

Feb 16,2006

Sanjiv Narang was invited to be a judge of project presentations made by participants of a management development program in Power Management Institute,NTPC.

The project presentations were on varied lopocs varing from "Power Security of India" to "Power Trading Mechanism". The in depth and varied approach of the participants was interesting and heartwarming.