Organization Development

  • Innovation Systems Consulting has made a visible impact on the effectiveness of its client organizations through the deployment of the following OD interventions.

Appreciative inquiry

An Organization that wants to create a culture of achievement needs to undertake appreciaitve inquiry.Ai unleashes positive change in the creates focus,direction and a sense of well being.This intervention is worth its weight in gold.

Team Building intervention for top management team

Innovation Systems Consulting undertakes team diagnosis through data colection from all team stake holders. This data is analysed and the resulting pattens are shown to the team members.This data is utilized by the top management team to create a plan for enhancing team functioning and performance.

Team Building intervention for functional team

Focused on enhancing dynamics and performance of functional and project teams.

Performance consulting

Insy Consulting diagnoses the performance gaps and the opportunities to enhance performance of a set of personnel whose performance directly impacts organizational effectiveness.ex.Front line sales personnel.

Competency Mapping

Competency mapping enhances the effectiveness of all HR systems and all decion making regarding human resources.Inasy maps the role ,functional and cross-functinal competencies in an easy to use format.

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