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Leadership Development

On the basis of success and failure patterns of leaders in the corporate world we have identified leadership competency clusters in the areas of Leading performance,Emotional intelligence,leading technology and communicationf.These competencies are enhanced through a competency development processwhich catalyzes application as well as experiential learning.

  1. Leadership coaching

    Innovation Systems Consulting has made a breakthrough in Leadership Development through leadership coaching.
    Leadership coaching has been successfully executed for director as well as manager levels.personnel.

    Focus areas for Leadership Coaching

    1. Diagnosis of leadership capability.
    2. Development of leadership competencies.
    3. Resolution of leadership issues.
    4. Leadership strategy.

  2. Development of Customized Leadership Models:
      Innovation Systems Consulting helps organizations develop customized leadership competency models.These can subsequently be used for enhancing the effectiveness of all HR systems related to leaders and leadership.